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Thermoforming Large Plastic Parts and Components
Pressure Forming • Vacuum Forming
Twin Sheet Forming

Vacuum forming 

The vacuum forming process lends itself to being a very cost effective way to produce large parts; especially on lower volume applications. Vacuum formed parts are also commonly used as a replacement for metal or fiberglass as they offer a durable, lighter weight alternative with far superior economics.

Pressure forming 

Pressure forming is a thermoforming process similar to vacuum forming but it utilizes a high pressure air assist to create significantly better part definition.

Twin Sheet forming 

Twin Sheet Forming uses distinct top- and bottom molds, heat, and vacuum to create a void between two sheets of plastic while forming a strong edge seal.

Founded in 1963, C+K Plastics is recognized as one of the most experienced, state-of-the-art, thermoforming companies in the industry. Utilizing our extensive technical knowledge, coupled with our comprehensive range of services and capabilities, we can help you take your project from concept to finished product.


At C+K Plastics we are continually striving to stay on the leading edge of new technological advancements to ensure that we are always able to offer innovative, cost-effective solutions for most any thermoformed application.

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